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O'ahu Chapter Meeting


Topic: Using Chat GPT Within Your Family Business

Speaker: Donnel Nunes (Partner, Aspen Family Business Group)

Location: O’ahu


Join Donnel Nunes, PhD of the Aspen Family Business Group for an interactive discussion on how to leverage generative AI models like ChatGPT and Bing Chat for the betterment of local family businesses and our community. While certain amounts of fear and concern are valid, members of the UH Family Business Center have the opportunity to be early adopters and proactive integrators so that local businesses remain a part of the change and not swept away by it. The talk will include ways to assess some of the ways that generative AI can best serve you, mitigating risk with employee use, and interactive demonstration for those who haven’t yet tried this technology, and a call to action for the UH family business community to take a local leadership role in driving positive outcomes as AI becomes increasingly more prevalent in our lives. Additionally, Donnel will discuss ways to ground ourselves through intentionality, values, and personal purpose so that we can bring the best of who we are to this new challenge and opportunity.