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2021 Annual Retreat

Navigating The Developmental Stages of the Family Business System

Family businesses are among the most complex systems in that the family, the business, the ownership, as well as the individuals involved, all go through their own developmental stages. At times, the interaction of these transition points creates additional stress for all those involved. Further, the world has experienced a pandemic which also impacts families and businesses and creates new complexities for us to consider during this gathering. 

During this retreat, participants will actively participate in an exploration of the developmental stages facing them at this time, for example:

  •  Where are you in your life? Young adult? Senior leader?
  •  Where is your business? Entrepreneurial, growing, maturing or declining?
  •  Is your ownership in the owner-manager stage? Intergenerational partnership? Sibling
    partnership? Dynasty stage?
  •  What stage is your family? Young couple to empty nest, branches?

Some of you may be experiencing, for example, the challenges faced when the company is in growth mode and needs energetic leadership, the ownership is transitioning from one generation to another and the family is growing as branches are developing. We often find the rising generation eager to “steer the boat” while the elder generation is not yet ready to let go of the helm. Navigating these transitions can be challenging!

Leslie Dashew and Donnel Nunes of the Aspen Family Business Group will help participants get their “sea legs” so they can cruise through these waters without hitting any of the submerged rocks along the way!

Program Goals
During this program, we will:

  • Share knowledge about the developmental stages of families in business so that participants will be able to understand the normal challenges that are faced along the way;
  • Enhance communication skills needed so that the “crew” can work through differing perspectives and collaborate effectively during these transitions;
  • Describe the 7 requirements for successful succession 
  • Explore tools for preparation for the transitions including
    • Effective mentorship
    • Life planning
    • Family councils and Boards of Directors
  • Provide opportunities for families to share lessons learned along their voyages so far, including the “storms of Covid 19”




Leslie Dashew, Managing Partner, Aspen Family Business Group
Leslie Dashew’s Bio






Donnel Nunes, PhD, Aspen Family Business Group
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