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2013 Annual Retreat

“Beyond succession planning: building unity through a family strategy.”

Andrew Keyt, Executive Director of the Loyola University Chicago Family Business Center and President of FBN-USA

Greg McCann, Founder and Director of the Family Enterprise Center Stetson University and Founder of McCann & Associates

Fred Sasser, CEO of Sasser Family Holdings

Succession planning has long been the focus of family business experts, but at best succession planning is a short-term strategy. It focuses primarily on the transition of the CEO and overlooks many other important transitions that are critical to success across generations. The transitions in the family as well as the ownership/governance systems are of equal importance. These blind spots lead to a bias that seeks to protect the business from the family rather than see the family as an asset in which to invest. This two-day workshop will explore how some of the oldest and most successful family businesses achieve success, and how you can increase your chances of success across multiple generations by building a family strategy.

We have learned that family businesses are the natural unit of economic enterprise. A growing body of research shows that family businesses are the backbone of our economy; that they take better care of their people and communities; and that they outperform non-family businesses. Yet, 66 percent of family businesses fail each generation. It used to be that one good business idea could last three generations. In today’s global environment of exponential change, it takes three good business ideas to last one generation. So, how do we prepare ourselves as individuals and families to engage in this world of exponential change?

Our two-day retreat will explore the many complex transitions that are a part of the succession process. We will look at how we as families and individuals can use our values as a rudder of conviction to chart the course forward through the seas of exponential change. Participants will leave with an individual and family action plan for the future and a plan for being accountable for achieving these goals.

Download the registration packet for more information, tentative agenda, speaker bios and registration form. Registration closes on September 19.