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O'ahu Chapter Meeting

Speakers: Leslie Dashew and Donnel Nunes
Topic: “Building the Communication Bridge Between the Generations”

Join Leslie Dashew and Donnel Nunes of the Aspen Family Business Group for an interactive session exploring the challenging topics and obstacles facing senior and rising generations in Hawaii family business.

Leslie and Donnel will:

  • Share some of their own experiences with succession and discussion of difficult topics
  • Teach tools for successful conversations around difficult topics, such as the four-part listening process
  • Draw on the collective wisdom of the group to address the question, “Is there a culturally appropriate way to be direct in Hawaii?”
  • Facilitate break out groups for the senior and rising generations where participants will brainstorm challenging topics and obstacles to open communication
  • Conclude with practice in small intergenerational groups and a debrief to capture our learnings