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Big Island Chapter Meeting


Topic: Meadow Gold Dairies Hawaii –  Learn more about their entrepreneurial family.  They will explore the unique dynamics of the Sadeghi family and how their values of entrepreneurship and innovation come together.

Speakers: Bahman Sadeghi (CEO, Meadow Gold Dairies) and Kimia Sadeghi (Business Development Manager, Meadow Gold Dairies)


A former Big Island dairy farmer and a diverse entrepreneur, Bahman Sadeghi has founded various businesses in agriculture, finance, manufacturing, and logistics. In April 2020, Bahman acquired Meadow Gold just as it was facing closure after over 120 years of operation in Hawaii. His vision is to see Hawaii’s dairy industry not just survive but thrive.




During her time at Babson College where she studied business and entrepreneurship, Kimia Sadeghi developed and sold her own line of Hawaiian-inspired juices. When her father unexpectedly acquired Meadow Gold in 2020, she decided to join the business where she could apply her knowledge about product development and innovation while experiencing a challenging and rewarding journey alongside her father.