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2012 Annual Retreat

Join your fellow FBC members, The Family Business Institute co-founder and president Wayne Rivers, and HARCO family business owner Mike Harrington, for a challenging and interactive retreat! The subject is COURAGE in family business. We’ll define and explore courage in many of its family and business forms, and we’ll give you the tools you need to grow your courage in order to take both your company and your family to the next levels. Among some of the things we’ll examine are:

  • The top nine reasons why family businesses fail
  • Family business myths which inhibit courage
  • When family business conflict is bad – and when courage is most necessary
  • How to resolve family business conflict via a process of reasoned engagement
  • The eight building blocks for creating a sustainable closely held company
  • How to utilize the lessons learned in your company’s past to create a compelling business future

You’ll view family, business, and the courage necessary to make both work at peak levels differently after this retreat. And you’ll leave with tangible takeaways for working on your business rather than just working in it!

Download the registration form for details.

Registration (Deadline: October 6)
Family business members may register up to four people for free. Non-family business members may register up to two people for free. Registration fee does not include accommodations. Complete the registration form. 

Room rate: $179 (plus taxes) per night. Hotel reservation deadline is September 19. See registration form for details.

About the Facilitator

Wayne Rivers is co-founder and president of The Family Business Institute, Inc. and is a leading expert in the field of family business. He has authored three books, appeared on numerous television shows, and has been quoted in trade, local, regional and national publications. To learn more about Mr. Rivers, please visit his website.