Family Business Center of Hawaii

Equipping, educating and celebrating families in business

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The mission of the Family Business Center of Hawai‘i is “equipping, educating, and celebrating families in business.” The Center provides opportunities for families to address many of the challenges they face today so that they can survive and thrive through future generations. This mission is achieved by providing:

  • An opportunity for owners and managers of family businesses to interact directly with the country’s leading experts, researchers, consultants, and professional advisors who know and work with family businesses.
  • A forum for Hawai‘i’s leading family business owners to exchange information, ideas, and experiences between families.
  • A national and international network of family business owners where ideas and experiences can be shared and opportunities presented for mentoring and internships for future leaders.
  • Access to the growing body of knowledge and research that enhances the understanding of the special issues and circumstances relating to family business in general and Hawai‘i in particular.
  • Programs with experienced family business professionals that will strengthen the many relationships unique to family business.
  • Information and programs to increase awareness in Hawai‘i about the unique value of family businesses.

membership dues

The yearly membership fee is $1,500 for family businesses and $2,500 for non-family businesses. Up to four members of a family firm and two members of a non-family firm may attend each of the meetings without extra charge. Additional seats may be purchased, however, the programs are specifically designed for a limited number of people to maximize personal contact and interaction.

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For more information, contact:
John Butler, Faculty Director
Family Business Center of Hawaii
Tel: (808) 956-9617